Authenticity + Comfort

This project has a very special place in our hearts. The Cabin is located in Pedregoso, a small town located 13 kilometers from Villarrica where most of our Chilean family lives. The picturesque land is mostly open green meadows surrounded by green hills and the Pedregoso River. However, our family and the people in the community are what make this place so special. They have a way of making any visitor feel welcomed and loved. We plan trips here every chance we get to recharge in the tranquility of the countryside away from our busy lifestyles.
The south of Chile is just astonishing. Its lakes, volcanoes, and lush green sceneries are breathtaking. The locals are the nicest and warmest people we’ve met. The Mapuche culture is the heart of the south’s roots and legacy, which makes for an enriched experience.
Grateful and inspired by the beauty of the land and people, we decided we wanted to share this place with everyone we could. We started by buying a piece of land from our uncle, and in the past 10 years, we built 2 cabins, which we now rent to guests who come from all over the world.
We were inspired by the natural surroundings and native Mapuche culture. We sourced all labor, materials, accessories, and artwork locally.
Our main goal was to design for authenticity and comfort. We wanted to build very comfortable cabins with amenities like an en-suite master bathroom, open kitchen, and inside washer/dryer. We also made sure the structures were well insulated for those cold nights and winters.
Fast-forward to today, it is so gratifying to see guest reviews online describing the same experience we have when we go there. We always look forward to future trips to our cabins;  take long walks in the woods, hear the river and breath fresh air, stargaze at night, and catch-up with family while sipping on a glass of local wine around the fire pit.