The best journey takes you home

Built in South Miami in 1954 on a nice size 16,000 SF lot, the original layout of this 1 story residence had 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a carport. In the ’90s, the original owners expanded the square footage of the home by adding a master suite. However, proportions were not well considered during the renovation, and the size of the master bathroom was bigger than the original kitchen.
We re-designed the layout by enlarging the kitchen to double its size and eliminating the laundry room, which originally could only be accessed through the exterior. We converted the oversized master bathroom to include a guest bathroom and indoor laundry closet. These small changes made all the difference, making a more cohesive and functional layout.
Through thoughtful and purposeful design, the renovation doubled the house market value in only 4 years. Details such as insulated impact windows, not only provided more natural light and views, but huge energy savings as well. By doubling our kitchen footprint, and adding another full bathroom, we increased both our livable space and our property value dramatically.
We were inspired by the existing terrazzo flooring which we uncovered during demolition. We selected earthy colors and soft materials to give this house an overall sophisticated and cozy feeling.
The furniture selected was mostly mid-century, mixed with some classic and contemporary pieces.
The exterior terrace and outdoor kitchen colors and materials were inspired by the amazing colors in Capri, Italy, one of the family’s favorite trips.
The result is a cohesive layout that adds versatility and functionality to this 1950’s home. A place to enjoy with friends and family