As we enter 2022, we reflect on this past year with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment. We designed and built spaces for our clients to create meaningful family moments. And, in the process of turning their wishlists into reality, we made incredible lasting relationships. Now, our clients get to spend the new year in their beautifully crafted living spaces, and we get to do it all over again for other families. We are truly blessed!

We’re really proud to celebrate a significant brand milestone: Duoma’s 1st business anniversary! We look forward to beginning the next phase knowing that the year was full of personal and professional lessons, risks and rewards, big wins, lasting memories, and lifelong connections with clients, vendors, consultants, and subcontractors.

During a truly transformative time for people worldwide, we were able to contribute to the well-being of our clients through our expertise. We forecasted what the future of home living has in store for all of us and we provided insight into flexible living spaces that adapted to changing lifestyles and needs, like detached home offices for juggling the work-from-home dynamic to outdoor oases for the ultimate retreat beyond the confines of the living area.

If this year revealed one thing, upgrading your home isn’t just about necessities—it’s about lifestyle. We embraced multi-functional spaces, as we are multi-faceted people. And ultimately, we all learned to expand our definition of home to include all spaces where life happens.

Whether you’ve been fantasizing about tackling a room refresh renovation project or are thinking about diving into a full-scale design and build project, one question remains for us: What are you waiting for to get started? What goals have you set for your home, and how can we help get you there?

In the spirit of new beginnings, we recommend preparing for your New Year’s resolution by considering all the updates you want to do to each existing or new space in your home. Imagine what your home would look like and envision yourself next holiday season. How does it look and feel? It’s ok if you can’t see it. Sometimes it’s hard to do this without the help of professionals. This is one of our favorite parts of our process, to turn your needs and wishes into reality by creating 3D renderings helping you visualize every detail. This happens after we go through a rigorous discovery phase of your likes and dislikes, of course!

Even a new home might need changes to optimize the space to your exact needs. Make a list of everything you want to do in your home and everything you need to do. What is your home currently lacking? Starting with the essential projects first, decide on what you can tackle now and what can wait until later in the year.

We understand that home renovation can seem like a daunting process but we guide you every step of the way. Once you know what areas of your home you want to tackle first, we’ll assist with uncovering and executing your ideas.

We’re ecstatic to enter our second year of home designs and builds and a new year of bringing happiness to our clients. Reach out to us here at Duoma and enter the new year knowing your dream home is in good hands.

That’s all for 2021! We want to end with a special note to all our employees, clients, and community—even in challenging times, we love the work we do, and we love doing it with you—so thank you for an incredible year together. We look forward to the next adventure!