This month, Duoma Atelier was featured in Shoutout Miami and we had the opportunity to tell readers about how our history is shaping our future as a firm. As you know, we are rooted in Miami and strategically growing beyond to serve our wide client base! We are eager to share more about where we have come from, what is exciting us right now, and all the good things to come for our design firm.

Past: How Our Roots Grew Personally and Professionally

Both Gaston and I have called Miami “home sweet home” for a few decades and are proud to be raising our children here. Here, we have evolved from single life to family life, and from young professionals to seasoned, respected professionals in our fields. When we met one another, we knew our passion and skillsets complemented and forged our way to where we are today.

Over the years, we both honed in on what made us unique in our trades and where we could add the most value for our respective clients. Gaston went from skillful carpenter to launching and successfully running his own millwork installation company, to obtaining his construction management degree and General Contractor license in the State of Florida. Meanwhile, I gained my experience and credentials as an interior designer and project manager by clients in some of the most prestigious global design firms. Together, yet separately, we were laying the foundation for a bigger future, one that would unite us in purpose.

Present: Why We Knew It Was Time To Launch

Around this time, we began seeing a need right here in Miami: homeowners were struggling with their home projects by having to manage the process and all the people involved to make it happen. So, we realized there was an opportunity to provide a much better experience. We studied the market and found there were not many companies offering a fully integrated turnkey service from beginning to end. So Duoma Atelier was born out of a market need and the inevitable destiny for us to work together!

We are driven to service our clients the best way we could, by providing bespoke design and peace of mind. And we stretch our value of serving beyond our paid clients and into our community. We are honored to work alongside local organizations including Lotus House to meld our skills with their mission. Together, we are energized by servicing our community and bringing awareness and education to those in need.

Future: What We Are Looking Forward To

As a multidisciplinary design and construction studio leading with concierge-level service and turnkey solutions, Duoma Atelier has built a strong reputation and loyal client base quickly. Though we are two years young, we are recognized by name locally thanks to press coverage, word-of-mouth, and happy clients who have become our largest source of referrals. This foundation is enabling us to expand our team this year which will enable us to go after new and larger projects.Additionally, in the next 3 – 5 years we envision two complimentary brand launches, Duoma Craft and Duoma Décor. Duoma Craft will encompass and expand upon the custom millwork fabrication we provide for our discerning clients and will draw upon Gaston’s expertise. Meanwhile, I look forward to launching Duoma Décor, a curated collection of fine furniture and accessories available via e-commerce to clients across the United States. It is an exciting time and we appreciate having you with us on our growth journey!

If you have been considering how to transform your home into the haven of your dreams, reach out to us today by visiting our “Contact Us” page or calling us at +1 (786) 280 4567. Gaston and I would be honored to make your vision a reality this year.

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