Here’s how to create a luxurious and cozy experience for your guests.

‘Tis the season for holiday house guests and visitors. Having guests arrive for the holidays can be exciting, but it can put a lot of pressure on you as the host. Whether you’re welcoming a few out-of-towners for the weekend or hosting the entire extended family, put effort into the things that will make them feel the most welcomed and comfortable. The most memorable detail for your guests will be the acts of thoughtfulness you put into their space and the way you make them feel during their stay.

We’re grateful to have extra rooms in our home, but no matter the size of the space for your visitors, these thoughtful details will make their stay more enjoyable. When personalizing your guest room to ensure your family and friends have a memorable visit, focus on creating a soothing, welcoming, and cozy space.

We have curated our ultimate guide for prepping your guest room, so you can set your space up with all of the amenities of a 5-star hotel:

  • A warm welcome:
    • Include a welcome basket with luxe goodies such as toiletries, chocolates, and candles. A list of helpful details such as Wi-Fi passwords and where to find extra toiletries is always a plus.
    • A place for clothes and luggage is essential. If you don’t have a closet, get creative with a temporary clothing rack or shelves.
    • Add an individual touch. Instead of personal pictures in the guest room, include soothing-colored paintings or photographs instead.
    • A room with a soft color palette will inspire calm and encourage your guests to feel at ease, so the more neutral, the better. Keep the paint light, similar to the bed linens, to create a chic space no matter what your guests’ style is. Add color accents with throw pillows and artwork.
    • Consider leaving an extra phone charger in case your guests have forgotten it.

      • Amazing amenities:
        • Make sure the bathroom has a hairdryer, a shower cap, and a set of clean towels.
        • Set up a hydration station. A carafe or bottled water is a nice touch for guests.
        • Create an entertainment area. Books and magazines are great ways to keep your guests happy. A TV is a plus, but don’t stop there! A guestbook with activity ideas, delivery options, and must-know numbers is an excellent option for out-of-towners.
        • Individualized climate comfort can be hard to manage in a house full of guests. Adding a personal fan (if there isn’t one on your ceiling already) and offering a variety of different blankets and comforters in the closet will do the trick.
    • R&R:
      • Clean, high-quality, white bed linens are a must-have. We recommend a 300 thread count or higher.
      • Store a variety of pillows in the closet to suit your guests’ preferences. Some people prefer soft pillows while others like them firmer; the more options, the merrier.
      • Think about layering various window treatments, such as blackout curtains with a light filtering fabric, so your guests have flexibility.
      • Light the mood. A room is only as cozy as its lighting, so make sure to provide options: General ceiling lighting, floor lamp if there’s a reading or writing area, and nightstand lamp with adjustable brightness.

      • It’s all in the details:
        • Add fuzz under their feet. If the guestroom’s floor is tile or wood, adding an area rug is a must. You can either go large and take as much floor space as possible or opt for two smaller rugs on each side of the bed.
        • Adding a small retractable ironing board and iron or even a steamer is a thoughtful addition, especially if you are planning a more formal dinner party.
        • It might sound silly, but consider leaving an extra phone charger in case your guest has forgotten it.
        • Include a stylish wastebasket in the room.
        • Finally, add live plants and fresh flowers to bring in a touch of nature and thoughtfulness.

This time of year can seem stressful as to-do lists get longer, so we recommend decorating the house three to four weeks before guests arrive. Reference this list to help you stay organized and on track, and set reminders in your phone to keep up with important dates. The more you can arrange ahead of time, the more prepared—and less stressed!—you will feel on the day of your guests’ arrival. Remember, the key to a great guest room is a mix of comfort and amenities to make your guest feel both at home and as if they’re on vacation.

If you are looking to make renovations to an existing guest space in your home or want to design a new guest room, contact us! We will be happy to assist you.