As the world grows increasingly digital, people spend more time in their homes, so it’s important to feel proud of the space where you enjoy so much of your life. Quarantine might seem like a remnant of the past, but it spotlighted the importance of home. In 2022 and beyond, flexibility is critical and so we have created a list of trends and tips we think will serve you and your home well.

1. Level Up Your Game For Entertainment:

This will allow you to appreciate staying in more often or perhaps hosting loved ones for game day or happy hour. Inside the house we suggest you invest in your kitchen; this is the one place where you will always get your return on investment and will enjoy time with family and friends. We also recommend investing in comfortable seating and one-of-a-kind pieces to spark interesting conversations. Outdoor entertainment areas should also be taken into consideration, like the summer kitchen or pool addition you have been dreaming about. Well, what are you waiting for?

2. Welcome Multifunctionality:

Maximize your space and create flexibility. For instance, choose a sleeper sofa or murphy bed instead of a bed if you plan on hosting guests to easily transform your home office or gym into a guest room. Or, swap out your coffee table with an ottoman to provide surface space that doubles as seating and storage. If you want to take it a step further, one of the biggest requests we have gotten from clients has been for multipurpose detached units for a home office, gym, in-laws’ quarters, or all of the above. Detached spaces offer incomparable flexibility for those ready to make more permanent enhancements to their home.


3. Retreat & Recharge:

Open living spaces are here to stay, therefore paying attention to our bedrooms and bathrooms has become essential. These spaces are your retreat, and we need to design and treat them as such so you can decompress and re-energize. An easy way to pamper yourself in these spaces is to design for the senses. Add window treatments to control natural lighting, dimming controls for light fixtures, plants, and hotel-quality bed linens. Add a water station, a sound-making machine, and remove all electronics to get rid of distractions and fully disconnect. Finally, upgrade the bathroom if necessary. Sometimes just changing up the finishes will do but if the layout isn’t working you can re-arrange fixtures or even enlarge the space for the ultimate bathroom spa retreat.

4. Focus On Your Home Office:

In a constantly changing world, having a place to focus and get work done efficiently is equally important as having a place to relax. Our home offices should be designed for wellness, with acoustics, natural lighting, and ergonomics in mind. Investing in equipment adaptable to your needs, such as an ergonomic desk chair and height-adjustable desk, promotes better posture and movement.

5. Concentrate On Your Wellbeing:

Being cooped up indoors for so long has made “bringing the outdoors in” trendier than ever, and with good reason. Nature has a healing effect, so it’s not just about bringing greenery into our homes. It’s about using natural patterns, colors, and textures to reconnect with mother nature. Natural lighting is also very important. By having skylights, large windows, and open space plans you allow sunlight to bathe the whole house and provide better views.

6. Get On The Latest Trends:

Finally, as you prepare to tackle that new project in your home, it’s only fitting that we give you the scoop on the very pretty color of the year by PANTONE: 17-3938 Very Peri. This color is a purple-blue hue rich with courage and creativity. It’s bold and regal but serene and comforting, making for a beautiful selection for an eclectic accent wall and accessories.

If any of these tips spark your interest and you are ready to tackle your next home renovation project, contact us! We will be happy to assist you.