Our #1 tip for staying sane throughout your home renovation

Picture this: The design for your home is done and now you’re about to sign the contract to embark on building your dream home. Against your contractor’s suggestion, you decide to stay onsite during the renovation. You are excited and say to yourself “How hard can it be? We’ll be fine! It will be done before we know it, no problem!”

But then reality hits: once construction starts, there is a lot more than you bargained for, the family is uncomfortable, there is so much noise you can’t work and your privacy goes out the window with workers in your space 24/7.

Take it from the reno pros; living onsite during the construction phase can be challenging to navigate, to say the least. When your home is undergoing a renovation, you can expect major disturbance to your routine and privacy, and a temporary pause to a normal life. Things can quickly get stressful, but Norma and I will try to persuade you with our #1 stress-saving hack for ensuring your renovation goes as smoothly as possible: for your sake and that of your family, please, move out!

Consider how extensive your renovation is, whether you have children and/or pets, whether you work from home, what your tolerance is for rolling out of bed into a mess, noise, and construction workers. Some people enjoy the challenge of ‘camping’ in the living room and not having a kitchen – others are less suited to it.

If you choose to stay onsite during a renovation the project will take much longer to be completed. The work will need to be done in phases and the re-mobilization of workers will take more time and money. The builder will also have to consider how to protect the areas that are not under construction, but unfortunately, no matter how clean the project is kept, dust always manages to get everywhere.

Staying onsite during construction might not really save you as much as you think. We have found that expediting the construction process will save you money and often counteracts the expense of moving out. Sure, it might still cost a little more, but in the end, can you really put a price tag on your peace of mind? This was our approach when Norma and I renovated our own home, and it was one of the wisest decisions we’ve made. It made the logistics more manageable for everyone involved and we were able to accelerate the building process tremendously. We suggest searching for a rental close to school/daycare and work to reduce your commute. If you are extra lucky and your parents live close by, you could save money and give the kids some quality time with grandma and grandpa!

From identifying a project’s goals and feasibility, defining the preconstruction parameters, to building and delivering the project, Duoma provides innovative, high-quality, and stress-free solutions for our client’s diverse lifestyles all the way through the move-in process. We oversee every detail, employing protective measures during a renovation so that the construction site is safe, organized, and clean. Every job is unique, and we take this into account by creating tailored plans for each project to ensure that the site is adequately managed from the beginning to the end of the construction phase.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about managing job sites and our clients’ relationships during renovations. When you work with us at Duoma, you can expect weekly reports that include a detailed summary of the progress made in your project. As part of our concierge-level services, we assure that staff is onsite monitoring the progress of each project and verifying that all features are installed according to the approved design. We’ll be part of the ride with you, up until the final walkthrough and deep cleaning before we hand over the keys to your newly completed and beautifully crafted home.

Norma and I would love to speak with you about your next renovation and how we can provide peace of mind. We offer complimentary consultations on-site to discuss your unique project. We may be reached at 786-280-4567. We look forward to speaking with you!