Duoma can help you from the beginning.

One thing Gaston and I are good at is recognizing a property’s potential and immediately understanding what it would take to get the biggest ROI. In this blog, we would like to share with you the demand we have been experiencing from out-of-town clients looking to invest in the Miami Market and the process we have developed to help them.

Whether the investor is already working with a realtor or still needs one, we have built relationships with some local professionals who really know this market and have quickly realized they are crucial to our business. They depend on us to advise their clients and we depend on them to find the best properties.

As you might have read in previous blogs, our design and build process for homeowners is very hands-on and detailed-oriented. The process for our investment clients differs a bit, but our core concierge service is still our top priority.  Our purpose, however, for investors is to fast-track the process even further so the client can put the house on the market as soon as possible and maximize their ROI.

Let us dig a bit into what that process looks like:

  1. While the client is looking for homes to invest in, we can start the onboarding process and serve as consultants, advising which properties are the ones with the most potential. Once the client narrows their search down to 1-2 properties they are considering making an offer on, we quickly provide a preliminary budget and timeline for such properties to help the client make their final decision. At this point, we have already met the client a couple of times and assessed if we are a good fit for each other, and feel comfortable moving forward with the next steps.
  2. Once the client closes on a property, we refine the budget and timeline. The beauty of Duoma is our seamless transition from the consultants to the design and build team.
  3. During the design phase, we try to fast-track the project as much as possible. Since we are not trying to figure out what the client’s specific style is, we can dive straight into design and come up with a couple of layouts and neutral palette options. Our goal is to design for a broader audience, based on what the local market demands while still injecting the “designer” touch with some custom details and selecting finishes and fixtures that align with the potential value of the home and its nearby comparables.
  4. After the investor selects the final layout and preferred palette, we dive right into construction documents and submit them for permit. At this point, we also create photorealistic 3D renderings so when we get closer to completion, at the realtor’s and client’s discretion, they can put the house on the market with accurate visuals of the end product.
  5. Just as with our homeowners, we take advantage of permitting times to procure any long lead items and onboard subcontractors. This means we are ready to hit the road running once the construction permit is granted.
  6. Once we obtain the permit to start construction, we provide the investor with an accurate construction schedule as well as weekly updates for peace of mind throughout the remainder of the project.
  7. After construction is complete, we work with staging consultants to furnish and accessorize the house to make it more marketable, get the most ROI and most importantly, sell faster.

Gaston and I would be delighted to speak with you about your investment plans here in Miami. We offer complimentary consultations on-site and by phone to discuss your unique project. We may be reached at 786.280.4567. We look forward to speaking with you!