What To Expect During the Duoma Atelier Pre-design Phase

As we move into the Spring season, perhaps like you, Norma and I are observing the insatiable South Florida real estate market as out-of-state and international buyers alike are discovering just why we love our tropical part of the country. With a shortage of sellers and bidding wars on the properties that are available, Duoma Atelier has actively been talking with and engaged by area buyers wanting to turn their purchase with potential into their dream home. As you remember from our previous blog, we ourselves went through the process of identifying a home with good bones and transforming it into a custom home for our family to enjoy for years to come.

As a concierge design and build firm, our expertise lies in providing our clients with peace of mind- knowing every detail is considered and expertly executed. Our simple goal is to serve our clients as a trusted advisors at every stage of renovation. That said, we are again pulling back the curtain in this three-part blog series on what to expect in the design and build process with Duoma Atelier. To launch this latest series, we will first discuss what the industry calls the “Pre-design Phase”. Quite aptly, this phase includes all things planning with precision.

Unlike other firms which are either construction companies or interior design firms, Duoma Atelier melds both the design and build functions through our individual professional knowledge and experience operating as a team. Today, we are eager to share with you three aspects of our approach within the pre-design phase that makes the Duoma Difference.

  1. Feasibility: Oftentimes, the unknown in the design and build process can cause stress. How long will our renovation take and how much will it cost? Do we have to move out or can we stay through it? Will the city allow us to build out what we want to do?  Our clients looking to invest in a property rely on our feasibility studies to make informed decisions. We apply our years of knowledge and experience to ensure our clients’ visions are possible.

  2. Connection: Our favorite part of the entire design and build process is getting to know our clients both through conversations and in a more structured manner through our customized questionnaire. We see this activity as similar to “speed dating”. Each client is unique, and we need to find out as much we can about you to capture your essence and meeting your goals. This way we can apply what we have learned to the design.

  3. Discovery Session: While many designers have a particular aesthetic for which they are known and sought out for, we don’t. Sure, we have our own personal styles, but we don’t design based on that. We want to design based on your style and needs. Based on the completed questionnaire we receive from our clients, we prepare an extensive presentation with curated images where you get to tell us what you like and more importantly, what you don’t like. After this session, we compile and summarize all we’ve learned in the pre-design phase and use the results as our roadmap for the next phase, design.

Our satisfaction comes not only from designing and building a truly beautiful space to call home, but also from listening and delivering precisely what is most important to our clients. Just as a thorough renovation takes time and investment, we believe authentic connection leads to ideal collaboration at every stage and culminates in a home to be enjoyed for years to come.

We hope this provided a collective and calming exhale as you consider the renovation details of your new home. As always, we welcome the opportunity to hear about your next project through our contact us page. Norma or I look forward to speaking with you!