Where the Duoma Atelier Construction Phase Delights

Let the construction commence! If you’ve been reading our most recent series here on our blog, you’ve walked with us through two of the three phases we guide Duoma Atelier clients through during their home renovation. Seeing your dream come to life is precisely why clients work with us. Today, I’m excited to share with you my expertise and favorite part of our process: construction.

At the end of the design phase, the final selections are reviewed while I coordinate with our team of subcontractors to gather final quotes. Up until now, we have been engaged in the foundation process. The details have been confirmed, and the client is confident in our guidance and their decisions. The next stage is the fruition of our expertise and partnership to bring their vision to life.

It is understandable the construction phase can create some anxiety, but we ensure our clients that they are in good hands. Peace of mind is at the forefront of the entire Duoma Atelier process and this purpose is what drives our business. For this reason, we offer clients weekly construction reports and open communication at every step of the build.

Let’s back up to the end of the design phase so you can understand what happens when we submit permit documents to the local jurisdiction and wait for a building permit to get started with construction.

  1. Permitting: Once we submit documents for a permit, our interaction with the client may slow down a bit, but we are still working on various matters during this “down” time. As a design and build team, Norma and I take advantage of permitting time by continuing to provide concierge services that accelerate the project schedule. First, I finalize the subcontractor’s quotes and solidify our build team so that everyone is ready to go with materials and labor once we get a permit. Second, I work with Norma and the client to release any long-lead packages and items that need to be purchased. Finally, we fully utilize this time to ensure both the budget and construction schedules align with efficiency.

  2. Construction: From the day we get access to the project site, we maintain two key priorities. First, it is keenly important the construction site is clean, presentable, and safe for all subcontractors and visitors. We communicate our policies to all the workers and are on-site for any questions that may arise, to ensure the highest craftsmanship quality is achieved. This hands-on approach ensures all client expectations are met without the client needing to be present or on the telephone daily.

    Our second priority is transparency: ongoing and open communication with our clients is crucial. We generate weekly reports of the construction progress and send these to our clients to keep them updated.  Norma and the client will also visit the site as needed to ensure design intent is captured and to approve any on-site decisions or samples. The construction process is far from simple, requiring a lot of coordination with subs to perform the work and local jurisdiction to schedule all the inspections needed. Between demolition and the final finishes, a lot of activities take place. Having an updated construction schedule helps the job run smoothly and stay on track with time and budget.
  3. Installation Day: In preparation for the installation of all the final details, we organize a deep cleaning of the entire house once construction is complete. No construction dust is left behind as the crew thoroughly cleans each space in preparation for furniture, window treatments, and accessories installation. Our team is on-site for the entire day to ensure each piece purchased is installed to our level of detail. As the sun sets on this day, we hand over the keys to their home, sweet home. This is our favorite part of the project- not only we can see the final product of our creation, but most importantly, we can see our client’s reaction which is what fuels our passion to do what we do.
  4. Close Out Activities: After the excitement of Installation Day, we provide our clients with all documentation on their home renovation. This documentation includes warranties, maintenance manuals, and specifications for everything that is now part of the house. We also do a final walkthrough together and create a list of any items that might need to be touched up or repaired so they can be taken care of right away. Once the client is all moved in and thoroughly enjoying their new space, our work together is complete.

Norma and I would be delighted to speak with you about your dream home and the design and build process for your space. We offer complimentary consultations on-site to discuss your unique project. We may be reached at 786.280.4567. We look forward to speaking with you!