While our last blog revealed the renovation numbers behind our 1950s Miami family home, today we would like to invite you once again to our table. Throughout our renovation, Gaston and I communicated and collaborated on every detail. In this blog, we are sharing what we learned and recommend to our clients, perhaps like you, embarking on a similar journey.

Consider your lifestyle and how your family can continue to thrive throughout the renovation.

When we finally found a house to renovate, we were also amid another big change in our lives. Our family was growing, and we needed to be smart about how we were going to tackle this project. During the design process, we considered how much work it was going to take to bring our new home to our standards. With a toddler and newborn on the way, we made the decision to continue renting until our home was complete. And it was the best decision of our lives! When demolition began, I was well into my pregnancy, and going to the site was not a walk in the park! As summer was fast approaching, it was getting hotter by the day in Miami. But I was so pleased with our decision to finish renovating before moving in. Watching the development of the house was almost like feeling the baby grow inside of me and seeing our home take shape and become what it is today, was more joyful than I could have ever expected. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the process as much if we would have opted otherwise. This is how we usually operate when making family decisions, and in all aspects of our business. We really benefit from bouncing ideas off each other and working together to problem-solve throughout any situation. We embark on all of our projects with this type of hands-on approach and advise our clients accordingly.

Know what spaces earn the highest return on investment.

With our collective 35 years of experience in interior design and construction, we have a keen eye for not only the details of design and build, but also investment yield. In the months we spent house hunting, one of our priorities was a home with good bones. After thoroughly reviewing the distribution of rooms, we determined the best return on investment would be in doubling the footprint of the kitchen and adding another full bathroom. Both upgrades were accomplished without any structural expansions and retaining the existing footprint. Every property is unique and requires a comprehensive evaluation, which Gaston and I are happy to navigate with our clients every step of the way!

Be inspired.

As an interior designer, I delight in something I call “happy discoveries.” These unplanned elements may be uncovered during the demolition process and with some serendipity, I integrate them into the design. In our renovation, we uncovered Terrazzo floors and couldn’t have been more thrilled. I sourced porcelain tile in the perfect complementary palette for the remaining spaces. In the design process, we start with a thorough discovery session with our clients to uncover their uniqueness. Their personality and style guide the design and the house’s architecture is our canvas. With our clients, “happy discoveries” usually occur when we present our design solutions, and they smile with excitement imagining themselves in this house. We develop the design together, as a team, ensuring the spaces will feel like home and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Evaluate a phased versus non-phased renovation approach while considering your family’s peace of mind.

As mentioned before, the decision we made to not live in the home throughout the construction made the whole process more enjoyable and efficient. We whole-heartedly recommend this to our clients as well. With no residents on-site, the construction time is cut down significantly. Troubleshooting is always a part of the design and build process, and we know this better than anyone! Gaston and I can be on-site at any time with our subcontractors to ensure the right decisions are made in the moment and minimize mistakes. This was beneficial in our process, and a key facet of our concierge service to our clients. Additionally, during these pandemic times, most families have one or more parents working from home full-time. Client Zoom calls while our crew is jackhammering in the background are not ideal and we understand! For this reason, a non-phased full renovation is our leading professional recommendation.

We would be honored to talk to you about your home renovation vision and unique lifestyle accommodations as you consider taking this big step for you and your family. Gaston and I thoroughly understand the process, through our own renovation as well as our combined years of professional experience.